Carpathian mountains bush trip

Welcome to my bush trip throught Carpathian Mountains. Enjoy beatiful views to landscape, discover interesting places and find out new information about this nice piece of Europe. You will visit Serbia, Romania, small part of Ukraine and Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. In total you will reach more than 1200 kilometers. Longest leg is around 280 km (150 nm), rest is between 50 nm do 120 nm, with 8 legs in total. Each leg is ended when you land and SET PARKING BRAKE. So what are you waiting for - the sky is calling. Enjoy the trip. PS: I really recommended download mods (link in readme) and World Update 14 for better experience.

Mods contains "turistic guide" with photos, links and more informations about locations which you can see from above. All waypoints have own text description - not randomly generated.