Take an enormous tour from Rwanda, near Butare, Andes Mountains, taking off from the nearest airport (where this plane can take off) of the Nile River source, to its delta near Port Said and Alexandria, Egypt. Note that there's a discussion about the location of the real source of the river. I choose one of them, that gets the majority of expert's opinions.

Visit all the course of the river and learn about some historical facts nearby. Visit some dams and pyramids. About these, the truth is that the locatrion is real but MSFS scenary doesn't show most of them. If you need to locate visually them, look for sqare buildings and pass over them. But you'll see some of them. 

Some zones have no airports or they are too far from the river course. So, in these places, it happens having long legs, more that the usual, about 200 or even more miles. All the way have been divided in five stages (individual bushtrips), all in this bundle. In one of them you'll fly an helicopter that, at first sight, seems very hard to control. Don't give up. This happens because you shouldn't try to fly it with the usual settings of the joystick created for planes. You should create another profile for helicopters and this is a great tuturial to do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP2xYhY7d7E . After this you'll see how easy it is to fly the helicopter.

This bushtrip happens because of the promised prize given by Egyptian Authorities after Petra's Adventure. Jim Anderson is back and he falls in another one. Note that the adventure part is fictional, although based on some real facts, such as the number of pyramids that exists and the voids  recently discovered at Khufu's Pyramid. Watch the beautiful views along the trip. I hope you enjoy the Bush Trip.

No extra addons needed.

I tested all the legs and found no issues. However if you find any, please let me know.

Thanks to Buffy GC and Alexander Barthel for the great tools Biushtrip Injector and Little Navmap.