Hi there,

this is a GSX profile for the freeware EBOS Oostende-Brugge airport in honor of the late Jan Cuypers.

You can find his airport here:

(Short notice: his position numbers don't match the real airport)

Important: for GSX to work properly with this airport, you have to make the nearby heliport invisible for GSX. To do that, you need to add the following line to the [GSX] section of %APPDATA%\Roaming\VIRTUALI\CouatlAddons.INI 

airport_visibility_EBNH = 0


  • All North positions (N) are fully customized
  • Parking positions N1 to N5 and N9 to N17 are passenger positions, whereas positions N6 to N8 are cargo positions
  • Positions N3 to N5 are walk-ins - position N3 is walk-in when boarding and bus transfer when deboarding
  • All West positions (W > smaller planes) and the three East cargo ramps (E) are untouched.

If you spawn at one of the positions, use GSX to reposition your aircraft first ('reposition at current gate').

Happy flying.