This application saves and restores current aircraft position. Is created specifically for BushTrip mode in MSFS. Allows user to save location of aircraft at the end of leg in specific parking position. On leg start user can load last position and start leg from place where left. Intention was to bring back similar BushTrip behaviour from beginning of MSFS cycle. 

Unzip archive to intended location and run BushTripRelocator.exe

Application is very simple and easy to use. User can simply taxi to intended parking position and save location. Application displays number of saved checkpoints to chose for load. Is not storing full aircraft state. However user can chose to start with default state which is fully up and running or with cold and dark state. User also can save and  load quantity of fuel left from last leg and change time of the day.

Reason for writing it
I’ve written this application to address some of the BushTrip issues introduced in MSFS over various sim 
update. Bush Trip mode was my favourite mode in MSFS (apart airliner flying with full ATC etc). I loved flying 
around various routes with BushTalkRadio in background. Thing I liked most about it was way how was saving 
state after leg. When I decided that next leg was last for a session I parked on apron shutdown and close sim. 
With next session I could start from same place with same amount of fuel and in cold and dark state as I left it. 
Unfortunately this has been changed and currently with every leg you are placed on beginning of runway in 
ready to go aircraft with full tanks. It is massive immersion killer for me and based on conversations around 
forum for many others too. This application is to bring back some of this immersion. I’ve written it for myself, 
but I hope others will find is useful too.

I’m not .Net dev and this is my first SimConnect application. Big thanks to Kenz67and his AircaftState 
application. It gave me idea to write something specific for BushTrips and I learned a lot from his github.

GitHub repository