Categorised Scenery Asset Visual Reference Guide of Sim Update 7 (Game of the Year Edition) and Sim Update 11 (40th Anniversary Edition) to make it easier to find assets that EVERYONE has on their sim (Unless the user deleted the airports from the Content Manager) , because SU7 and SU11 were obligatory, they are now optional World Updates).

Included guides:

  • MSFS SU Categorised Asset Guide (Smaller Assets, a Index is included)
  • MSFS SU Towers & Hangars Asset Guide
  • MSFS SU Buildings Asset Guide

Only the more "Generic" assets are in the guides since a lot of the assets are very airport specific or are lots of buildings in one asset.

For the default assets before SU7 and SU11, check the inspiration of this guide, the fantastic guides by FlyBoyRez1

Thanks to FlyBoyRez1 for the original guides and JetWash1023 for the list of SU included airports.