A collection of almost 400 (and counting!) low-poly cars, trucks, utility vehicles, trailers, tractors and whatever else ends up included, for use with my MSFS "IPDC" sceneries (at the time of initial upload, "scenery" as there's only one...) from ianpsdarkcorner.co.uk.

The models are of vehicles that would have been found on, or near, UK Royal Air Force and Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm bases during the period of the Second World War. The odd other thing may sneak in, but they're 99% Second World War airfield and aircraft maintenance, support, management and transport vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE: The majority of these vehicles are converted from, and basically the same as, my FSX/P3D models, re-exported as MSFS Native with MSFS materials. If they're too low quality or definition for you, sorry, but you probably don't want this library (or my sceneries). Unlike my buildings, however, a rather nice chap by the name of stiz decided that my materials and textures were nowhere near good enough so, with a far larger material of appropriately licensed materials available to him, he took the majority of these and added far better materials, for which I thank him greatly.

I haven't included advertising screenshots, because the objects are really only intended for use in my sceneries, These objects are available for use if anyone else wants to do so in their own sceneries, but if you choose to do so, please credit (blame?) me as the author of the library and don't create new libraries from them. It's hard enough to keep track of where I upload them when they get updated and/or added to!