I have converted all models of this library into SimObjects and republished the package. As SimObjects you can use the ships in scripts and give them wakes. However, for backward compatibility I leave this package online.

3 'classic'/historic/vintage sailships in an asset pack that I plan to enlarge over the coming months. The original models of these first 3 ships have all been created by Museovirasto Museiverket Finnish Heritage Agency and published on Sketchfab. They come with a CreativeCommons free use license that even includes commercial use (comprehensive license notes are included in folder «Documentation»). So feel free to use the 3 ships wherever and whenever you want. 
Actually you get six models. For every sailship comes in 2 versions, one with full hoisted sails and one with sails furled. The latter versions are not just base versions with sails removed. No, they have meticulously furled sails (actually with far more polygons than the hoisted sails). 
Speaking of polys: All models are high poly (~ 500K tris) and offer many details in a close walkaround. But don't worry, I aggressively LOD'd them. The first/last couple of LODs need only 1 or 2 drawcalls, for the highest res and normal maps you basically need to walk on the deck. ;-)
Here I need to make a remark: I spent a lot of time (in fact most time) on the LOD work. Unfortunately it proved to be very unsatisfying and disappointing, especially when testing in VR. After I had come across a stack of complaints up to the recent past dealing with that subject, I froze my efforts. My current advice is to crank 'Object LOD' up to the max and not bother about glitches between some LODs. 
Please note: The Swedish Turuma hoisted sails version is fictional and not approved by the Finnish Heritage Agency for historical correctness! The Turuma came in only one version, with furled sails. I made up an hoisted sails version by adapting and attaching the sails of the Nikolai. For being an improvised adhoc version it looks cool enough.  

The sailships currently included are (in scenery editor search for «sailship»)

  • Swedish Turuma archipelago frigate
  • Russian archipelago frigate Svjatoi Nikolai
  • Russian 22-bank Baltic galley

I start with these 3 ships in order to gather feedback. Feedback is very welcomed especially wrt

  • LOD improvement
  • animation (flags & sails), please PM me if you can help or teach me
  • AI traffic movement/patterns

Enjoy (and use!)

P.S. As backdrop for the screenshots I used Manila Bay and El Nido scenery bei Cli4D.