LZHEK - fictitious ICAO
Former military airport near Hejlak

Thanks for downloading our scenery.
The aim of this project was to create the scenery of the former military airport under Hejlák, which has a short but interesting past. It is not used at the moment, but in the simulator I allowed myself to revive it a little with a small group of objects.

To display all objects, please first download, unzip and copy to the "Community" folder in your MSFS:
1.) FPS Library for MSFS v.1.5: https://flightsim.to/file/30224/fps-library-for-msfs-v-1-1
Installation procedure:
1.) Unzip the file: "FP-Hejlak_MSFS" for example to the desktop.
2.) Folder: copy "fps-hejlak" to the "Community" folder in your MSFS.
        Enjoy flying over Hejlák 😊

Terms of use:
The work published in this archive is subject to all legal norms on copyright protection. It is forbidden to modify, further distribute and use the work for commercial purposes without the knowledge of the authors and their written consent. The authors disclaim responsibility for any problems arising after installing this scenery or using it. The scenery has been tested. Due to lack of time, we only provide limited support. Thank you for understanding.
MSFS version author:
Martin Ďuriš ( maverick60 ) - runway, apron, installation of objects.
contact: [email protected]
support: [email protected]

Airport description:
The former military airport near Hejlák was built during the Second World War. The dimensions of the airport area are approximately 520x60 meters. It lies at an altitude of 630-645 meters above sea level. The landing area is quite steeply inclined. It was part of the closed area around the German Pegasus Y radar station at the top of Praha - above Padrťské rybník, that is, north of Rožmitál Pod Třemšínom. The airport was used to transport classified materials, special electronics and personnel for the Pegasus Y station, which at the time, as a technologically advanced facility, was under strict secrecy.
These courier services were carried out by Fieseler Fi 156 Storch aircraft. Anyone who understands flying will confirm that anything else would have trouble landing here.
The entire area around, that is, the artillery range in Brdy, was continuously guarded by several thousand German soldiers, who trained here for new units, before being sent to the front again - at that time, the German method of troop rotation to restore the numerous ranks of combat units.
For this reason, information on the construction of military installations in Brdy is only incomplete. It was a time of war and many people who worked here on the "Empire Projects" were executed.
After the Second World War, the airport under Hejlák was only used for a short time. In the following decades, it usually served as an array of military equipment.
The airport under Hejlák played its role in the Second World War, at least belatedly in the film. In 2015, several scenes of the film Anthropoid were filmed here, which deals with the assassination of the deputy Reich Protector and head of the Main Reich Security Office, Reinhard Heydrich.

Source: https://sk.mapy.cz/letecka?source=base&id=2218176&x=13.8750144&y=49.7492754&z=19#