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Version 0.07
Pierwsze Wydanie October 16, 2021
Ostatnio aktualizowane October 21, 2021
Rozmiar pliku 61.23 MB
Downloads 1,746
Status Jeszcze nie pobrane
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Military Aircraft


4,885 | VI First Officer

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  • Version 0.07 October 21, 2021

  • Version 0.06 October 20, 2021

  • Version 0.05 October 19, 2021

    UPDATE 0.05

    A bit more more tweaking. Both upper and lower aileron now work in conjuction with one and other. Slight increas in size of pilot.

    Exhaust node where slight out.Now been fixed.

    Working on 2 other projects as well as this  from the same era. A  Russian Sykorsky S16 and a Sopwith Triplane. So Keep a lookout.

    Enjoy and be happy.

  • Version 0.04 October 18, 2021

    Engine was slightly out of place.

    Take off speed adjusted to slightly higher than it was. was sittin a bit low and now at 85.
    Aircraft seems to be more manouverable at high and low speeds and turns well.

    Last update for while. Got other projects on and I do this for free which does not pay the bills so have to go out and earns some wonga.

    Enjoy until next time.

  • Version 0.03 October 18, 2021

  • Version 0.02 October 17, 2021

    Some minor changes.
    ASI Needle was slightly off centre.

    Pilot resised to just about average judging from images I have seen.

    Made some minor changes in aircraft editor for weight and balance. In my case this is very much trial and error, so please your imput is important.

    I feel its slightly better expecially coming in to and. Befor ei was constantly tipping over, this time I actually managed to land it 3 times.

    Then again I might just be a bit bias so I'll let you decide.

  • Wydany October 16, 2021

    Właśnie pojawiło się pierwsze wydanie tego pliku. Witamy na pokładzie!

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46 Komentarze

What a hoot! Great fun to fly. Thanks

My favorite WWI aircraft has been brought to life, pretty amazing job for a "Non-Developer", thanks so much!

Hi there

No engine sound at all...I am sure you just need to put the sound file back was one of the better features of this plane

Thank you for your fine work.

I too have the pilot sitting a little high.. and no engine sound?

I hope this helps. thank you again.. one of my favourite planes, you have made me very happy. DD

sorry, my poor english "Vice versa" is ment

very nice plane.

however the steering of the elevator is working wrong.

when I pull the steering pin ( or my you stick) the elevator goes down and via verse.

How can it resolved?

Correction to my last comment. The upper aerolons work correctly. the lower aerolons need to wove in parallel to the upper wings which are correct. There are NO flaps on early aircraft.

Another improvement...However...The Pilot needs to increase in size...he is about 40% of the size he should be. Also the two aerolons on the lower wing are acting like flaps. Theey should rotate in opposite directions from level dependant on which way the stick is moved. Move the sticj right and the left aerolon should go down and the right aerolond go up forcing a right bank. when the stick is pushed to the left the opposite should occur...but well done...getting there...amd the wheel effects on grass were happening

Today's update (oktober 18th) did solve the pilot view ouside of the cockpit problem. The plane while taxiing now seems to make wide turns, even at slow speed. So, I use the left- and right differential brake to help the steering. Take off is without any problems, no "taildragger twist". Just nicely strait ahead!. In the air a much more level flight attitude and the plane responds very well to the rudder input. Speed is to my feeling much more what I expect from this kind of plane. And I love the engine sound. It is not too loud. Today, I did notice however, that the elevators move up when I steer the plane to the ground and down, when I steer the plane skywards. Perhaps, you can look into that.

need work should also be aware it over stresses easily...not sure how you can get that more realistic but SE5's were renowned for being really resilient...needed in a fighter where steep banks turns dives and swoops were a built in expectation. kind regards Simon

One further comment...the pilot has shrunk in size...if you look at pictures from the time it was quite cramped...see picture of the Shuttleworth Plane in RL

Hello Fsadni,

This is a MUCH better version. I could take off and land and the pilot was visible. Now some small touches to the scripts are needed. The lift from the wings is now so good that it wants to take off taxiying. What ever you did to address the centre of gravity and improve lift just needs minor reduction to get a much more realistic balance. I hope this helps. Kind Regards and thanks for your efforts...I remember that when I worked part time at the RAE in Farnborough as a student that we had a SE5 Engine there being constantly maintained and swapped out with the one in the SE5 at Old Warden by the apprentices. It was so beautifully balanced that you could rotate the prop easily...wonder what happened after RAE closed?

Guys I can't help you as far as the pilot goes. I get that myself. And with any other download I have. All I do is use keyboard arrow keys. If you go to outside view you will see the pilot is wher he should be in the cokpit. Internal view you will initailly be by the side of the cockpit.

My pilot is seated correctly,my congratulations on a nice piece of work.Enjoyable flights and even managed to land safely.I have a larger than normal dead zone to cope with the lousy ground handling of most models and if anything,the SE5 could do with a bit more turn ability.Well done!!

In the latest version, the pilot seems to be sitting out the cockpit, on the left wing.

Hi there,

Once again a good effort but it will not fly. the only way is to take off at such an angle that it stalls and crashes. I am not sure how to correct it...the pilot was a definate advantage also...please reinstate him...smiles

the guy who did the fokker triplane may be able to help you?

On Version 0.04

The SE-5 has turned into a delight to fly. As far as the flaps go, I just think of this as a modern recreation (like the WACO in the Marketplace). Love the detail in the Lewis Gun. Thanks for giving us a fun and handsome little plane for our hangers! Lookin' forward to future releases.

On Version 0.01:

I second the comment about the center of gravity, the only way I could fly was with the nose way up in the air, and a 150+ knot top speed in level flight is a bit unrealistic.

Also, second that the pilot sits too high. Check out Google images of WWI pilots in their cockpits.

Lots of pluses too. Nice model, wire bracing, and sound. Likewise, good cockpit, especially for an alpha version. I'm really looking forward to seeing one of my favorite WWI fighters being molded by your hands. Kudos on the alpha!

Really nice to fly with.Noticed some bugs but great anyway.Thanks for this lady.

is is a great first attempt. I believe the Pilot needs to be lowered a little. I also found it almost impossible to take off even with full flaps. I believe you need to look at the Centre of Gravity...and lift...but like you I am no developer

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