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Version 1.3
Pierwsze Wydanie September 28, 2021
Ostatnio aktualizowane October 06, 2021
Rozmiar pliku 514.31 MB
Downloads 28,541
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  • Version 1.3 October 06, 2021

    -Flight model work
    -Electrical work (Thanks to @dano (TNBNDR) )
    -No more excess fuel drain issue
    -Displays should remain on
    -Aircraft startable from cockpit, docs to come
    -Power Control Levers now functions as indented CHECK FAQ FORE MORE INFO
    -Fuel control levers functions as intended
    -Added ability to test warning panel light
    -Included latest AirlandFS for those who do not have it already (Still recommend to get directly from
    -Added slime/formation lights to UH60
    The CFGs are included in their respective aircraft folders
    -Placed "Start AirlandFS" placard in cockpit, less obtrusive
    -Flight model work

    -FANTASTIC model Re-texturing done by TSI/twoseventyinc
    -Split Coast Guard and Military livery so that there is less confusion
    -1 New livery:
    -Dusty Dogs
    -USGC updates:
    -Updated livery, no more large black "gaps"
    -Roughness map re-done

  • Version 1.2 September 29, 2021

    -Fixed texture issues
    -Tilting revised
    -Better performance over 100kts

  • Version 1.1 September 28, 2021

    -Fixed lean issue on ground
    -Added pop-up display that shows if you have not started AirlandFS

  • Wydany September 28, 2021

    Właśnie pojawiło się pierwsze wydanie tego pliku. Witamy na pokładzie!

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Aircraft does NOT take off

If AirlandFS is started, and the engines are on, the problem most likely is the Power Control Levers. They are the 2 handles located on the overhead, right in the front.Think of them like the FADEC system on the H135 and 145. They start in the "OFF" position, use your MOUSE to bring them forwards to "IDLE" then "FLY". You NEED them to be in the "FLY"/Fully forward position to take off. 


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If AirlandFS is started, and the engines are on, the problem most likely is the Power Control Levers. They are the 2 handles located on the overhead, right in the front.Think of them like the FADEC system on the H135 and 145. They start in the "OFF" position, use your MOUSE to bring them forwards to "IDLE" then "FLY". You NEED them to be in the "FLY"/Fully forward position to take off. 

Destroyer121, did you abandonned this so nice mod ? No reply from you and no little update. Still WIP or a dead project ?

I am stuck with the engines running and no take off. Everything is set according to the video and what you stated on here. There is a bug where I move the black lever on the left and it shoots me into the air then states aircraft is overstressed. Is there a fix?

Your helico is the one I love most, I fly it very often. It would be so cool to have an auto pilot, I can't leave it alone for 10 seconds without loosing flight attitude.

This is a great model mod package, I like it! The only two problems I have for this mod are the idle sound and toggling armaments. Sound, when you are on the ground it will replay the start up sound until you lift off. Toggling armaments, how do you do that? ^^'

Can't take off. Power Control Levers fully forward. AirlandFS started and running correct profile. Rotor turning but increasing collective doesn't take off. I can see the handle move, but no lift off. Any ideas? Have the latest version and am running the latest version of the sim.

flight model will no longer take off since the recent update.

Does not work since a few days, the flight model has become "crazy", I do not understand why this change. Thanks for your work

I wanna thank you for bringing back some memories working with the "rotorheads" in the Coast Guard. These models are amazing. One question. Hovering, pitch, yaw...etc works great, however every so often avionics cuts out on me. Where is the battery/avionics switch?

Congratulation, very very well done. Very nice looking. Therefore, why the propeller animation is so bad at low RPM ? That's the only thing I don't like. The sound is really nice.


the rudder is real slow! how do i fix this or is this standard ?

I do all the steps to be able to take off but it does not take off only the helicopter goes backwards and does not take off

HI, I have the thrustmaster hotas control . I can move the levers in the cockpit but the throttle on my thrustmaster has no affect, I assume this should act as my collective ? when I move it,the engine indicators jump around a bit but stay at zero. my control works fine with the Airbus chopper. thanks

What an unfortunate mess this is in. To save everyone some head ache hopefully... start airlandFS, use the MH profile for coast guard / UH for black hawk. Load into your airport ramp. Don't even bother with the overhead panel switches - not worth your time - simply use the scroll wheel on the black prop control lever until it goes from off to idle to full forward. Then click the two white (fuel levers) things - one on each side. Then use CTRL + E to start. For an addon that has another addon literally do all of the hard work for it, this felt like an obstacle course for something I wanted to work well so badly.

using thrustmaster hotas. I was having problems as described. i have read comments. it needs the view to be changed internal and move the levers and then the white knobs as described. take brake off and up in the air. nearly uninstalled - but it works after instructions followed. well done😃

not sure if its broken from the update but i cant manage to take off, airland is working, profiles been selected, levers are foward but when i go to take off theres no lift and the back tends to bounce alot and starts gaining backward momentum. besides this Details are phenomenal and am keen to get this working

can u update this to work on sim 6 plz

Hi Destroyer,

I cannot get it to take off...I tried the Power Control levers and got them both forward by using the scroll wheel. The engine and rotor picked up speed but zero lift? Your earlier version worked fine...I think you need to look at what changed and perhaps do a little reverse engineering...great model...just inpoperable

I love this helicopter. Although the helicopter is very heavy, it flies very quietly, not like the 135 and H145 where, the picture always shakes, you guys are so great, please make the best helicopter there is? Bell-UH1 it's so wonderful please please please

I have given up with this U-60, I can not start the second engine and the levers do not push forward no matter what part of the muse is used, The R-44 and the H-135 are only ones I can get to work. My first try with the Blackhawk it ran up ok but was impossible to control. I find this one too frustrating and think I will delete it again until something changes. It is a real shame that so many people have had some trouble as the model is excellent and would be worth having if there was not so much trouble getting it into flight.

In VR, hovering over the toggle switch is very difficult.

In most cases, the switch on the screen is out of place where the mouse cursor catches the switch.

Even if I move in VR in the cockpit of this helicopter, mysteriously the whole aircraft moves and I can not go near the switch.

I couldn't even touch the white ball lever because I could only remove the parking brake and push the lever with the round Othello forward.

With this operability, it is difficult to even start flying in VR.

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