For the bush trips I stay with Dr. Livingstone. After his succesfull exploration of the Zambezi river and discovering the connection from west to east Africa across land, he explored in the east of Africa his thought of finding the sources of the Nile. He was reported lost after the western world did not hear from him for six years.

Livingstone started in Zanzibar and went along the coast to the south, Then he travelled west and up north. Parts 1 and 2 depict this mostly accoding to maps found on the internet. Part 1 is 1274 nm in 14 legs. Part 2 will end near Ujiji and why is clarified in the legs.

Part 3 will be the search Henry Morton Stanley put out for Livingstone after six years.

Build with LittleNavmap and BushTripInjector. And of course the help of Wikipedia, Google Maps and Bing Maps.

Part 2 and 3 will be published within the next weeks.