Thank you for the reply! I have some learning to do.


Its a great mod, thanks for the work. Is it possible to change the sensitivity of the rudder ? I feel like its very difficult to turn gently using the rudder. Is there an option in the config file to change it ?



Unfortunately not compatible with sim update 6












I added the Blue Monster livery today. Check it out when you get the chance.

No issues here and I've used it numerous times since SU6. Worth reinstalling the latest version?

Hi, why does the smoke falls to the ground?

Everything seems to be working on my sim. should work just fine unless you can tell me something specific that isn't working.

It's a nice idea, but why does it take ~562mb just to reskin a view screens?

Can you optimise it? A UI/UX workover shouldn't take that much space.

Edit: The problem seems to be all your images are completely unoptimised. Run all your images through https://tinypng.com/ to compress them. You have one png that's 16MB, that's ridiculous. No wonder it's so huge.

Are you running this with the latest update 6?

That’s interesting cause that’s exactly what this update fixed from the SU6 update breakage. Please try completely deleting the plane and downloading a fresh copy.

Oh my dreadwings...<3 i'm always waiting your Mentor P3 on fs 2020 <3

That what I was expecting. Thanks.

I used to watch the odd rally up Smeatharpe. It definitely wasn't too perky surface-wise.

As far as I know you still can't remove wind turbines but they have said it's in the works. I may check to see if it has changed.

Love this tool, I notice in the C172 Classic when I click on the AP master the modes flicker then it goes off, only way I can use the AP is if I use CTRL a to turn on the Autopilot, the issues disappears if I remove the shift Z tool



Might be more fun to just put the banger racing oval in up there 😀 the main runway is used for random motoring stuff atm so I guess it's also usable for very light aircraft, but other than looking quite tidy the place doesn't actually have anything anyway...

One of Smeatharpe or Culmhead has a bunch of wind turbines, iirc? are they still near impossible to remove? my game won't even start atm so I can't check...

So Im using this after Su6, and I see the flight tag of the AC and only the wing lights, I guess thats because SU6 compatibility hasnt been confirmed yet?

Thanks to Puffin, Southern New Jersey and Delaware now have the 500 foot tall cooling tower of the Hope Creek NPP. It's presence transforms a 70 mile radius because it's such a visible landmark. (guessing on the radius) Not only is it present, but it has working hazard lights and a realistic plume of condensation. Super stoked, THANK YOU PUFF! /just sent you a coffee

Обновление SU6 никак не повлияло на работу сценария (равно как и на все сцены сима наши и других авторов), обновление будет, но когда - пока вопрос, в работе другие сцены.

i reloaded nxi and everything works. thanks

Hi, my interactive audio is not working. Any idea on how to make it work?

please could you include the just flight hawk? (currently getting a GTN750 powered off in the pop out window)


My engine load indicator is always at 100% after SU6. Anyone else with the issue? Any tip to fix it? Thanks!

Test flight today after SU6. Everything worked and looked great!

Ne fonctionne plus pour moi depuis la MAJ 1.20.6 de Msfs. Vraiment dommage, j'adore votre scène

  • Extract mod's folder from zip file you downloaded to any place on PC
  • Then drag "SimObjects" and "effects" from modification's folder to official 777's folder and click "Replace"
  • When folders were replaced drag layout.json (located in official plane's folder) onto "MSFSLayoutgenerator" (which is in modification folder) and it generates by self

Note: if you bough plane from SimMarket, probably plane will disappear, but no worries, it's not your problem - it's the CS one

Looking real good, thanks for the update.

The main panel is roughly the same color( a bit bluer but it varies I think) but the side panels are more bright grey. Though a picture is worth a thousand words, check it out for yourself 😊

Thanks. Though from the photo I looked so far, both A320 and the SSJ has roughly the same color scheme. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Thanks for the additional info, this helps me understand the issues. Very excited to see the bugs resolved in the future releases.

I really do think we all need to boost the rating up on this little project, as the Developer is listening to all of our comments and critiques, and is making changes, were reasonable, to make this a rising gem. As, a Livery Developer, I have seen a great deal of change and, in my honest opinion, this developer deserves a lot more credit than has been given. Unless you are involved in the 3D development process, you can't begin to appreciate the amount of time and frustration that goes into a project like this, so please take a small moment out of your time to show some appreciation, even just a thank you means so much to these people!

If you try to two base models is this the case? Usually that pink is because the add on repaints need to update.