Beautiful model. Love the one piece canopy. Great flight model. It is just lots of fun flying this heli...not too power, not too light weight!

Loving this. Both the record/replay function but also the download track the reply to fly in formation function. If I could add anything at this point, it would be some way for it do 'roll' to the aircraft being replayed from a downloaded kml track... ie when it detects a heading change it smoothly rolls the aircraft into the turn direction as a function of the track deviation. Awesome work, thanks!!!

That's awesome! glad to hear from someone with personal experience especialy with BC helis! I am hoping to work with some people in the near future to update the sounds! the epm is all hand made and I dont have the knowledge to make a proper one with html or js, sorry about that, maybe this can be improved in the future!

Can't thank you enough for populating all these airports. This is another great addition!

Thanks, if you havent already, go check out rotornut44's version uploaded today! He got it pretty spot on!

Dude, this is great. There was such potenial with the Pelican, but it was missed. Thanks for taking the time and effort to improve it.

There are four main things that I have issue with from default (not your fix).

When hovering, the downward thrusters turn off at 50%, shouldn't they increase as more power is added?

The Flaps/Aileron on the primary wings do nothing. Surely these could have been used as flaps or other movement. To be fair manouverability in general isn't great.

The sudden stop from flight to hover, in no aircraft or spacecraft would that be normal.

And this one will be a challange, but the movement of the craft while in hover makes little sense. I would have thought that momentum with any craft would let the craft tilt forward, backawards, sideways giving a more realistic flight look.

Can you make Iberia with Cabin Interior? Thanks!

Hey brother. I learned the crafting of Landing challenges myself and have made a few now. I am uploading the currently and look forward to your challenges in future too. Please see all challenges by Saul Sheard. xxx

Awesome! The font for the registration is not right but everything else is great. Very Nice!

Very cool! My comment is that the Google air photo is out of date; there are actually 3 helipads -- they moved the 2 you have a bit to the west and stuck another in on the east side of the property, a little more north closer to the gas tank. Great work!

Very cool, I have 80 hours on Cabri G2s split between GUET, GELP, and GUTE so it's fun to fly them in MSFS! My comment is that the sound is not quite right (should be more growl and less bladeslap I think). Also if you can get the EPM and instruments to display properly that will be AMAZING.

Well, that was it . . . downloaded and used the extraction tool in Win 11 and all is fine. Tried again with WinZip -- Nada. First time that has ever happened to me. Great job on the scenery!!

is there any way to make this skin work with the Super Warrior mod?

Great job, really nice place to operate out of. Amazing detail.

This area with the Google maps mod, We love VFR, The powerlines mod and REX trees is absolutely stunning! This is without doubt my go to Heli base from now on. Thank you!

Thanks for giving Boeing Field some love. I was psyched to the checkerboard on the Boeing hangar in todays update--and the Connie! Looking forward to seeing what you add next!

We need an update on this mod to have it working like before the top gun DLC. The problem I'm having with the super warrior is the following:

1) CPL flight plan tracking not working

2) Every 3 min the jet keep pulling and banking to the right even if you have heading and Alt set

You already know my opinion lol! Great work man!

WOW! Amazing! Can you do EASTERN retro hockey stick just like this; bare metal engine cowlings and belly? I am willing to pay you for it. Some painters get the EASTERN font and logo incorrect. Please let me know. Thanks!

Excelente Liverie, consegue reproduzir a matricula PR-DLN? Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho.

Looks great, really wish there was a Canadian version. I know the RCAF had tiger squadrons at one time.

My LNAV follows the heading bug even when LNAV is selected in green, makes it unflyable.

thanks my friend! always appreciate your input!

One of the most achieved WIP I've seen in a long time! As a beta tester, it was a pleasure to see the fast progression of what is obviously a work of love. Is it easy to fly? NO... but that's exactly the point! You will learn to love it as you get better and better at flying it. Un des projets WIP les plus achevé qui soit depuis longtemps! En tant que testeur beta, c'était un plaisir de voir ce qui était de toute évidence un projet de cœur progresser si rapidement. Est-il facile à piloter? Justement NON... mais c'est la raison même de son succès assuré. Plus vous volerez avec, plus vous l'aimerez!

Another lovely bridge, Thank you very much.

I like your app. A quick question. How does one exclude an item from your app? Specifically, a radome (someone called it 'balls' in one of the comments posted below) in Pillar Point (picture 7/18) in KHAF, California. The radome is duplicated when We Love VFR - Region 2 is installed with the payware scenery from MP Scenery's KHAF. Thank you.

bahahaha! Glad u enjoyed it, there are 2 starters, main one at tip of collective, and red button on keyless remote in console!

Thanks! to remove copilot just zero the weight for them in payload menu

thanks alot and thanks for all the help and support!

Anyone know why there is a huge spray cloud trailing behind the moving carriers? It's so bad I can't see the ship once I'm in the slot. I've seen pictures and videos without this, so maybe it's a setting I have turned on? Any hints? Thanks! (I have a screen shot if anyone needs it.

Well, they do block some of your view from seeing some panels and switches. But I would at least expect them to have the option in the CDU, much the same way we have option to change different panels and switches in the aircraft.

Sheer brilliance. What a fantastic tool. I wonder if one day we could add some kind of (add to) log. Huge potential here though perfect for me as it is already.

Dunder Mifflin! I see Penn paper!!

oops sorry wasn't meant to be confusing 😊 .. but yeah re-reading it it's probably a bit confusing, anyway if you need help or more info about the tool feel free to msg me directly. Thank you.

Wicked and thanks very much.

Without changing anything at my end, the program found my Community folder, The Contrail Library folder, my MSFS_Addons folder, FSDreamteam folder, the Aerosoft One Library folder which must be a difficult task as some payware mobs sometimes need reminding where they have installed their stuff. Perhaps you could help them too😃

Fantastic work there so thanks again.


One interesting little problem for me that I just noticed.

ORBX's YSSY - Sydney Airport does not show for me.

I imagine or am guessing, that this is because I have disabled Asobo's YSSY - Sydney Airport.

I will enable Asobo's ASAP and re-scan the scenery and see if that makes the difference.


I re-enabled Asobo's YSSY - Sydney Airport but for some reason, ORBX's YSSY - Sydney Airport does not show for me, no green dot.

I added the folder path :-H:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-1118119378-2154342932-2411937323-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\flytampagg-sydney for ORBX YSSY but that made no difference either.

If I show all airports, YSSY is there in amongst the massive sea of blue dots though. 😊

Tuve que eliminarlo, actualmente no cargan las texturas. Fue un hermoso viaje IFR desde Santiago pero al llegar al aeropuerto decepcionante 😞

Another great heli. Did a quick test flight around Chicago, and it flies well, had no issues with it or the profile. Did take me a few minutes to figure out where the ignition was since i'm too stubborn to RTFM, lol.

maybe I shouldn't say fix it because he prob wont he said he would update it but that was like hmmmmm 4 MONTHS AGO