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Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator a new generation of transatlantic ships with modern navigation and unique quality. The ships represented here have historical context and were recreated in 3D with the highest possible fidelity within the graphical limitations of the simulator, that is, reproducing internal compartments in excess would cause a drop in the FPS rate and therefore each ship and its interior was thought and added. with a degree of importance so that the simulation is as pleasant as possible. The ships in this package are mostly operated by the Cunard-White Star Line, being the great rivals of the Titanic, the RMS Lusitania, the RMS Mauretania and the beautiful RMS Majestic. There is also in the package a ship operated by France through Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, the SS France.

GENERAL UPDATE v2 - 07-22-2022:

  • Bug fix in engine that prevented navigation
  • On-water control system upgrade for smoother driving

IMPORTANT: Due to the size of the object controlled by the player - ship - it is necessary at the beginning of each game to press the "Y" key to enter and press again to exit Yoke mode and correct the ship's position in relation to the sea. We hope to see this issue fixed through SU10 improvements or later Sim updates.


  • Detailed interior
  • Start anywhere in the world over water
  • Night lights
  • Water trails instantly when on the go
  • Sounds
  • Smoke particles
  • Friendly fps
  • Anchor and Mooring Ropes


Total download file - 377mb


Locate the Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder
You need to find and open the folder called Community
Copy the three folders "Marine RM Cunard Line Lusitania", "Marine RM Cunard Line Majestic",  "Marine RM Cunard Line Mauretania" and "Marine RM Cunard Line SS France" you just extracted into the Community folder
Start the game and the RMS Lusitania, RMS Majestic and RMS Mauretania will be on Cunard Line manufacturer and the SS France will be on the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique manufacturer in your hangar ready to sail!


Start the game at the headland of some seaplane runway, put the engine on 100% and wait a few seconds for the ship to start moving. The water trails and smoke will start with the slowest speed you are on the Destroyer and Battleship. These ships do not have a reverse engine for the time being, but this will be implemented in an upcoming update. Click L to activate an overnight navigation beacon. Quickly activate and deactivate the landing gear to honk. It is possible to start anywhere in the world on water, read the last paragraph of the following section to understand how. 


This add-on will continue to be developed for improvements such as: Interior improvements, functional gauges, improved navigation physics and corrected lighting. Soon all models will receive this and more updates. The amount of water trails is limited by Asobo for now, when this limitation is removed from the SDK boats will have more sprays on the front and sides.

You can activate anchor and mooring ropes to approach a harbor or pier using Yoke mode. To do this, follow these steps exactly:

  • In the cockpit, activate the anchor and mooring rope
  • Turn off the engine using Ctrl + Shift + E
  • Wait for the engine to completely shut down, in a few moments the smoke will disappear.
  • Use Active Pause
  • When the smoke is gone, press "Y" to use Yoke mode to position yourself on the desired pier and when it is positioned, exit Yoke mode and do not deactivate the active pause at any time.

That way your boat will remain static in the harbor with the image-ready mooring ropes allowing you to roam around.

The speed of all boats is limited to less than 40kts for water stability reasons.

When starting the departure, the ship may appear stuck in the water or sinking. This is because the SDK does not recognize the 3D model of the boat as an entire object, regardless of the contact points. For now, a solution to this is to press the "Y" KEY to enter and press it again to exit Yoke Mode to correctly position the ship in the water. This will definitely be improved soon.

Don't start cold, a boat's starter function is unrealistic without a panel. Water waves can start out "hard", with a strange texture. This changes gradually during the game, when turning in any direction.

The following improvements will be added in the next update:

  • Fixed SS France smoke and water trail effects
  • Addition of SS Norway ocean liner


Conflicts with third-party smoke effects can sometimes cause ship smoke effects to malfunction. If this occurs, simply restart navigation in a more distant location or without ship traffic. This is under review and will also be fixed as soon as possible.

Editor's Note: SS France was operated by Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and I decided to add it within the Cunard Line folder naming just for the purpose of locating and organizing your community folder. Later in a free update, SS Norway will be added to this ship's livery menu.


  • CPU: Intel i5 9600K
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit

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