Norway,Rognan Airport ENRG established in April 1944, Saltdal is an airport located in the east side of Rognan city center in Saltdal municipality in Nordland county. Today, the runway is about 600 m long runway covered with grass. The airport is open during the summer months, normally from late April to May to mid-October. The airport is used, among other things, for skydiving and private flying. During World War II, an airport with a 1200 meter runway was built during the war. Platzkommando Rognan was established in April 1944 and was subordinate to Fliegerhorst kommandantur. Several prison camps were established on and near Rognan. This was mainly for the construction of the railway further north and its construction of Highway 50. Based on the construction list, several bunkers were planned to be built in regelbauklasse. The airport is currently intended for smaller aircraft types today, come and explore Nordland. Unzip the file and put it in the Comunity folder. V1 Rotate