Anyone living in the UK is likely to be familiar with the BBC race across the world. Series three involved five teams racing across Canada. This trip is based on the challenge posed in the first leg of the race, to race from Vancouver to the tiny Tlell on Graham Island. We travel more easily than the competitors did, thanks to our Pilatus Porter. We spend most of the first half of the trip over the beautiful Vancouver Island before crossing to the mainland and flying up and over some real and spectacular mountain country. Finally we head back to the ocean, cross over to Graham Island and fly over Tlell before finishing our trip a few miles further on at Masset. 

Take a peek at the readme.txt for installation and trip tweaking. If you'd like a hard copy of the navlog there are txt and docx versions.

The two txt files and the docx aren't essential and can be stored anywhere. The folder with the trip in (antzdeman-Canada-trip1) needs to go in your community folder before starting the sim.

This trip was created with the help of LittleNavMap and BushTripInjector. Both programs are brilliant and their authors, Alex Bartel and BuffyGC, have made and continue to make superb contributions to the FlightSim community. 

Creating the trip and flying the legs was a good experience for me, I hope flying it is equally good for you!