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Norwegian helipads

52 helipads/heliports in Norway where helicopters can both start and land. Different kinds of helipads are used for hospitals and other kind of heliports. Optimized to work with the World Update V: Nordics. You probably have this one installed already.Thank you to GBZH35 for the great...

Sim Update 12
Pierwsze Wydanie
May 12, 2023
Ostatnio aktualizowane
4 day(s) ago — 1.9

52 helipads/heliports in Norway where helicopters can both start and land. Different kinds of helipads are used for hospitals and other kind of heliports.

Optimized to work with the World Update V: Nordics. You probably have this one installed already.
Thank you to GBZH35 for the great helipads!

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Included helipads

Arendal Heliport, Hospital
Barentsburg Heliport, Heerodden
Bergen Heliport, Grønneviksøren (conflict handling in special layout file)
Bergen Heliport, Haukeland Hospital (conflict handling in special layout file)
Bjørnøya Heliport
Bykle Heliport, Hovden
Dombås helikopterplass, Brunshagen
Drammen helikopterplass, sykehuset (conflict handling in special layout file)
Elverum Heliport, Innlandet Hospital
Fedje helikopterplass, Høgden (conflict handling in special layout file)
Førde helikopterplass, sjukehuset
Hamar helikopterplass, Sykehuset
Harstad helikopterplass, Stangnes syd (conflict handling in special layout file)
Harstad helikopterplass, sykehuset
Haugesund helikopterplass, Hauges. sjukehus HF
Helikopterplass for beredskapssenter, Taraldrud
Hopen Heliport
Hønefoss helikopterplass, sykehuset
Isfjord Heliport
Kinsarvik helikopterplass, Veslemoen
Kristiansand helikopterplass, sykehuset (conflict handling in special layout file)
Kristiansund helikopterplass, sykehuset
Levanger helikopterplass, sykehuse
Lillehammer helikopterplass, Sykehuset
Lørenskog helikopterplass, AHUS
Mo i Rana, Helgelandssykehuset
Molde helikopterplass, sykehuset
Namsos helikopterplass, sykehuset
Narvik helikopterplass, Djupvik
Nordlandssykehuset Bodø
Oslo helikopterplass, Rikshospitalet (conflict handling in special layout file)
Oslo helikopterplass, Ullevål
Pyramiden Heliport
Sandnessjøen helikopterplass, sykehuset
Sandviken Heliport (conflict handling in special layout file)
Sarpsborg helikopterplass, sykehuset
Skien helikopterplass, sykehuset
Smøla heliport, Helsesenteret
St. Olavs hospital i Trondheim
Stavanger Universitetssykehus
Stokmarknes helikopterplass, Nordlandssykehuset
Stranda heliport, Stranda sentrum
Stryn helikopterplass, Langeset
Suldal helikopterplass, Sand
Tromsø helikopterplass, universitetssykehuset
Trondheim Heliport, Rosten (conflict handling in special layout file)
Tønsberg helikopterplass, sykehuset
Verdal helikopterplass, Slottelid
Værøy Heliport
Ål Heliport, Medical Center
Ålesund helikopterplass, sykehuset (conflict handling in special layout file)
Åseral helikopterplass, Ljosland

Upcoming helipads

Please report missing pads!


Conflict handled add-ons

Do you own any of the hand-made and detailed helipad add-ons for Norway and want to use them instead of the helipads in this add-on?
    1. Make sure MSFS is not running
    2. In the community folder where the folder "f99mlu-norway-helipads" exists:
        - Delete the file "layout.json".
        - Rename "layout_noconflicts.json" to "layout.json".

ENRT Rosten Heliport - Handcrafted by AndreasR
ENRT (Trondheim Heliport, Rosten)

Bergen Helipads by blt950
ENBG (Bergen Heliport, Grønneviksøren)
ENBI (Sandviken Heliport)
ENBX (Bergen Heliport, Haukeland Hospital)

Helipads in Norway by Sanderli25
ENAX (Ålesund helikopterplass, Sykehuset)
ENKH (Kristiansand helikopterplass, sykehuset)
ENRH (Oslo helikopterplass, Rikshospitalet)
ENDH (Drammen helikopterplass, sykehuset)

Heli Team Harstad Heliport (Norway) by Nethiuz
ENZA (Harstad helikopterplass, Stangnes syd)

Fedje Heliport by Filip13CRO
ENFJ (Fedje helikopterplass, Høgden)



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28 Komentarze



made som airports in Bergen any way to make a non konflikt for them?

Podziękowano przez f99mlu

This is Awesome! I would love to join the team and help out with modeling when I can. For your information, there are some other heliports that have already been made that conflict with yours.

  • Ålesund Hospital Helipad | ENAX
  • Sørlandet Hospital Helipad (Kristiansand) | ENKH
  • Rikshospitalet Helipad | ENRH
  • Vestre Viken Hospital Helipad | ENDH

Made by @Sanderli25,


There is also Værøy Heliport made by @P3r,


Heli Team Harstad Heliport made by @Nethiuz


and Fedje Heliport made by @Filip13CRO


I would definitely suggest getting in touch with these guys so you perhaps can consolidate your efforts into a single project.

Thanks again for the hard work!

This might be normal file behavior but I want to check. After installing, all of the locations do show on the MSFS world map when starting a flight. But even after updating the Little Navmap database, none of the helipads show up there, which makes it hard to go from one pad to the next. Is that just a function of how the scenery was done? Wasn't sure because other add-ons do show up on Little Navmap. Thanks.

Ålesund hospital should have a little better work, realy want that more detailed, and redone are with atleast some betterbuildings for the earea, i can get you referance photos.

Soon there will be 50 in total!

13 more helipads are on their way.. but I have no more energy today. And tomorrow I will not be home very much. So... I will aim for Wednesday, latest, for the next release. Stay tuned!


Podziękowano przez f99mlu

Ive just added the Airport Codes for a lot of the Heliports in Norway for users to find ,posted in the Gallery may help x

Podziękowano przez f99mlu

Wonderful. Great to have helipads in the sim to fly to!

A couple suggestions:

Seperating helipads individually:

Currently there are some helipads conflicting with specifically built scenery of better quality. Would it be possible to seperate the helipads individually so that single folders could be removed, instead of them being part of a package?

Currently there is conflict with a couple of different scenery; ENBG (Bergen, Grønneviksrøren and ENRT Rosten which I would prefer to use instead. Would be nice to use the other helipads as well with these two sceneries.

Feel free to post improvement suggestions and bug reports. Maybe the windsock placement is wrong? Maybe the helipad should be a circle instead of a square? Maybe the name of the helipad/airport is wrong? Maybe I forgot something? Just hit me with it 😊.

Podziękowano przez f99mlu

Excellent work x

Podziękowano przez f99mlu

Wow excellent I see you have been very busy

Te pozycje są obecnie na liście i będą przetwarzane wkrótce!
Sugestie, błędy i pomysły na przyszłość.

  • Version 1.9 June 05, 2023

    - Added Smøla heliport, Helsesenteret
    - Added a lot of add-ons to the "no conflict" layout file.

  • Version 1.8 May 25, 2023

    Added helipad:

    Hamar helikopterplass, Sykehuset

  • Version 1.7 May 18, 2023

    Some more helipads!

    Bykle Heliport, Hovden
    Kinsarvik helikopterplass, Veslemoen
    Stranda heliport, Stranda sentrum
    Åseral helikopterplass, Ljosland

  • Version 1.6 May 17, 2023

    Added helipads:

    Helikopterplass for beredskapssenter, Taraldrud
    Mo i Rana, Helgelandssykehuset

  • Version 1.5 May 17, 2023

    Added helipad:

    Bergen Heliport, Haukeland Hospital

  • Version 1.4 May 16, 2023

    New helipads added:

    Førde helikopterplass, sjukehuset
    Molde helikopterplass, sykehuset
    Namsos helikopterplass, sykehuset
    Kristiansund helikopterplass, sykehuset
    Levanger helikopterplass, sykehuse
    Harstad helikopterplass, Stangnes syd
    Isfjord Heliport
    Stokmarknes helikopterplass, Nordlandssykehuset
    Sandviken Heliport
    Oslo helikopterplass, Ullevål
    Nordlandssykehuset Bodø
    Oslo helikopterplass, Rikshospitalet
    Kristiansand helikopterplass, sykehuset

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