This is the second in a series of phtogrammetry scenery packs with custom nightlighting desiigned to enhance OrbX GB Central package while remaining performance friendly.

Only use this if you have purchased OrbX GB central and otherwise use my extensive photogrammetry sceneries instead.

This pack contains enhancements to Blackpool scenery including custom night lighting.

Because of certain limitations the scenery is not perfect and you may see some incomplete or broken buildings or other anomalies if you search for them but I believe it improves the overall scenery with little performance impact.

Please view the before and after shots so you know what to expect.

(I am not especially pleased with this version of Blackpool, had a lot of issues working around OrbX GB Central, so may come back to it after other sceneries are complete.)



Please unzip the Blackpool enhanced folder and the lightmod folder to your MFS Community folder.


All packs will contain the lightmod folder but it is only needed once.


If you love this and have more money than sense, buy me a coffee. Cheers!