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Version 1.1.0
Pierwsze Wydanie June 05, 2021
Ostatnio aktualizowane June 09, 2021
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Cessna 172 Skyhawk Amphibian

A powerfull member of the short take-off and landing capable Skyhawk family built on a Lycoming 210HP STC : 

This is a plane patch over Asobo's Skyhawk and adds a new plane to your hangar (located at the begining : letter C... like Cessna)
This mod respects the Game Content Usage Rules from Microsoft.

Cockpit settings :

You will find two variants to download :

  • baglu-c172-amphib-g1000.zip : to be used with any version of MSFS2020
  • baglu-c172-amphib-classic.zip : only if you have the Classic 172 from premium version

3D model modifications of the original Asobo Skyhawk plane included :

  • Wipline 2350 floats, with external wires, retractable landing gear.
  • Sportsman STOL Camber Cuffs on the wings.
  • Increased flaps angle.
  • paddle, ropes !

Flight model modifications included :

  • more power from a STC 210HP 4 cylinders engine
  • 4 position flaps (0°, 10°, 20° and down to 40°)

Sea landing : 

Be gentle when landing on sea (as much as on ground), try not to bounce or you may crash.
Check the gear indicator on the float through the window : gear have to be retracted for sea landing.
Cockpit has not been modified, so you will find no gear lever, and no water rudder lever : use shortcuts/buttons (ctrl+w is the default for water rudders)
That's sad, but water rudders are currently useless in the game : they have no effect at all on water.

Ground landing : 

Water rudders have to be retracted (there is no visible indicator in cockpit currently)
Steering on ground should be operated with differential breaking (breaking left or right). I have not disabled rudder control, so you can still use it.

Liveries included :

Several liveries are included with this plane :
Default livery, blue & gray, thanks to ANN0V
Wendy thanks to 270INC
Red livery and green livery inspired from real seaplane C172 liveries

Notes to livery makers :

  • Registration numbers are split in two in panel.cfg : you will be able to set different colors for the wing and the side reg.
  • Common parts of the plane have the exact same name as the C172 AS1000 model
  • New parts have their textures in AMPHIB172-FLOATS* files
  • Stickers are baked in the model, if you want to replace with yours, edit the file : BUSH172_STICKERS_ALBD.PNG You can also remove the stickers with a transparent texture file.
  • The front of the wings are the sportsman camber cuff, defined in BUSH172_SPORTSMAN_* files.

EzRyder has made a very nice ALLInOne C172 Template. Don't miss that paint kit.

Flight model :

Flight model is based on reaperS73 work on the C172 STC 210HP STOL G1000 and allows to operate in a STOL mode in bush locations.

Where to sealand :

Well obviously, anywhere ! 
You will find a lot of very nice customized places with seaports, pontoons, marinas on flightsim.to
If you have no idea where to start, look at the nice seaports in Alaska made by Photosbykev and sjfly2.

About this work :

3D model has been made with blender from the export of Skyhawk G1000 Asobo's original model.
All the external textures and animations had to be redone and match the original definitions.
Floats have been modeled from real Wipline (c) models
A huge thanks to Newktv's developpement series that helped a LOT.
Many thanks to EzRyder who figured it out how to use the classic cockpit MikeFear303 for the classic cockpit xml & systems trick !
Special thanks to 270INC with the Wendy livery.

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Użytkownicy ci przekazali darowizny na rzecz bagolu aby nadal tworzył niesamowite dodatki, którymi wszyscy mogą się cieszyć.

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  • Version 1.1.0 June 09, 2021

    Thanks for all your feedbacks on the initial release of the plane.
    I know there's a lot of work to do. Here's a first update :

    - Blurred prop fixed
    - floats were sitting too deep in the water
    - fixed rivets texture on wendy livery
    - new sounds for water rudders extend/retract
    - new sounds for gear extend/retract
    - water rudders extend/retract time changed (simulate manual lever)
    - Useless files cleanup in the packages
    - Use of modern_fm_only=1
    - Quick fix on the fact that the plane is really too powerfull (it will require hard work)

    Happy flying & swiming

  • Wydany June 05, 2021

    Właśnie pojawiło się pierwsze wydanie tego pliku. Witamy na pokładzie!

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112 Komentarze

Excellent work on the physics of interacting with the water. Don’t know what you did, but so much more realistic than the Ikon. Requires proper technique on rougher water. Kudos!

Loving it any chance you might do the caravan next?

Good to have something different. FS2020 limitations accepted, a little over powered, cruising at just 1/4 throttle and the trim seems a little over sensitive but that could just be me 😊 Anyway, nice work, thank you. here's a little video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZGJ0hIdcYg

Hi Bagolu,

Having no problems with your amphib-classic - "love it".

FYI Your amphib-g1000 causes a CTD every time. The CTD's go away after I remove the g1000 file from my community folder. I looked and did not see in the comments section here that anyone else is having this problem, it fact my friend in GA is not having any CTD problems with your g1000.

Thanks, John in NC

This is brilliant, Thank you

having a blast with this one!! 😀 great work as always bagolu, thanks and keep it up! 😊

It's not just this plane, but anything I've tried to use from this site... they don't work because I run into the same issue every time; Path too long. I have been in RegEdit and changed to LongPathEnabled on. I've done this for global settings and it does not make a difference. I have a whole 2TB NVME gen4 drive specifically for MSFS, so it is not default pathing and I think this is my issue, but I can't seem to find a way around it. My community folder can't possibly be further down the pathing hole than someone running it on their C drive. Below is the pathing I use. Any help would be appreciated.


Amazing Aircraft!

I have had so much fun flying this aircraft around, I have alaways wanted a version of the C172 with floats 😀

I do however have a few (minor) things I would like to see improved:

- I would certainly like, in the aircraft selection menu, to see the company name renamed to "Textron Aviation" to match the default Cessnas, as Textron is after all what is behind Cessna.

- The ropes dangling off the wings are very well animated, but they seem to be still very much pointing mostly towards the ground when going ~120kts. A bit off-putting lol

- The cockpit pannel of the "Blue and Grey" livery on the C172 classic, has a black pannel, a bit wierd in my opinion. Another livery without a black panel would be greatly welcome

- Finally, while I find it amazing that you did In fact make the aircraft icon not just from a screenshot but with the white backround on the aircraft selection screen, the aircraft seems to be a little too... close-up?

Regardless of these details, outstanding work! And, of course, I'm very much looking forward to future updates

The float behaviour feels weird. Maybe you can take a look at the XCub amphibian made by bush league legends as the float behaviour feels better in that plane.

Beautiful¡ Now I can land on remote lakes and explore their surroundings. Thank you¡👍🏻😀

Wonderful to have an amphibian!

Really enjoying this. Thanks for making this! The plane feels nice and heavy with the floats. I do feel exterior textures as seen from the cockpit could be improved, like on the wing struts and floats.

Can the contact points be adjusted so that the back of the floats sit a little lower in the water?

Here are your stars, sir!

My review about this aircraft in YouTube... (spanish)

Mi análisis sobre este avión en YouTube... (español)


Fantastic update bagolu, and so fast! You set the bar impossibly high for other developers 😊 Really look forward to your further development of this wonderful gift to the community.

cockpit amphibian gear indicator light

Thank you very much for the mod and the update. The power feels alot better but my fuel burn is like 18.5 gal/hr at 2250 rpm. maybe a limitation for now?

Thanks to all of you for your support and your feedbacks on the initial release of the plane. The 1.1.0 version is out with some improvements but there is still work to do :

  • water splashes sounds (if possible...)
  • water effects (if possible...)
  • tires animations
  • flight model : it is still too powerfull (same problem with c172bush & c172tail)
  • flight dynamic when landing on water (if possible of course)

Happy flying & swiming

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