WMKK KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) Freeware Edition

Kompatybilność z Sim Update 6 zostało potwierdzone.

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Version 1.4
Pierwsze Wydanie May 01, 2021
Ostatnio aktualizowane October 21, 2021
Rozmiar pliku 53.10 MB
Downloads 6,964
GPS Współrzędne 2.7349613285424357, 101.70512072919247
Status Jeszcze nie pobrane
Ten plik został przeskanowany pod kątem wirusów i można go bezpiecznie pobrać.
Intl. Airports
#Real-Life #Sightseeing #Buildings #Handcrafted Malaysia Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.4 October 21, 2021

    21st October 2021
    1.4.0 Major Update
    - WE’VE GONE GREEN: All building roofing is now coloured in the original green, with the pink removed.
    - The heart shaped logos have been removed from hangar 4, 5 and MAS Administration Building.
    - SAM kargo has been changed to “kargo” to avoid confusion.
    - POS Aviation (formerly KLAS) has been remoddled and a low resolution version has been included.
    - Old LCCT (now known as KACT1) has been correctly re-sized.
    - Aerotrain Service Depot has been re-modelled and a low resolution version has been included.
    - Cargo Village has been added with Complex Kastam, these are low res. assets with low quality textures.
    - SCAF has been added.
    - Other various assets around the freight area have been re-modelled and tidied up.

  • Version 1.3.1 August 09, 2021

    This update addresses the issue of missing jetways at the gates.
    The majority of Jalan Pekeliling has also been added.

  • Version 1.3 August 03, 2021

    1.3 Major Update
    - The interior of the terminal is now visible from gates B7through B11 at the main terminal building.
    - The interior of the terminal is now visible from gates C15 through 17 and C5, C6 at the satellite terminal.
    - The interior of the terminal is now visible from gates K1, K4, K6, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, and Q9 at KLIA2.
    - The SkyBridge windows have been enhanced in the preview area side at KLIA2.
    - KLIA2 terminal is rendered at distance, which it sometimes wasn’t after the FS2020 update 5.
    - The add-in has been compiled with the latest SDK to help towards stability.

    Known Issues
    At the time of publication of version 1.3 of KLIA there are a number of issues affecting all 3rd party
    freeware add-ons. We are all in the dark in terms of why, and how it was allowed to happen. I have done a
    lot of research and development to make sure that no crashes to desktop (CTD’s) are caused by this addin. Although compatible with MSFS2020 update 5, there are some issues and I will share with you what I
    have discovered during testing as it may help you get more enjoyment and less frustration:
    8.1 Missing Jetways
    This can be random but, it was 100% reproducible by switching to a different aircraft when setting up a
    flight from the menu. Restarting the flight did not solve the problem. However, going back to the main
    menu and starting the flight from there appeared to solve the problem.
    8.2 “We can’t connect the jetway, please try later.”
    This one seems to have a relationship with how far your camera view is from the jetway in question on
    most occasions but not all. Jetway connections were tested from the external camera view to make sure
    none of the custom scenery was in the path of the jetway. With the small A320 the jetway always
    connected. With the 747 the “try later” message was always received. Only after switching to the cockpit
    camera would the connection be made, but sometimes it took a few tries. If you have trouble with this
    please try moving closer to the jetway, or looking directly at it when making the connection request.
    8.3 Dancing / Disconnecting jetways
    This seems to be related to 8.2 in terms of the jetways state being determined by the camera’s distance
    from the jetway. This also happens at stock airports during testing and is hopefully something that will
    disappear on its own in the future. In the mean time we are looking at completely custom jetways for the
    premium version, and the free version if the issue still persists

  • Version 1.2 July 15, 2021

    15th July 2021
    1.2 Major Update
    - Stock airport, taxiways, taxi parking, runways and ILS have been replaced with custom items.
    - Aerotrains added.
    - All gates and ramps have been correctly designated.
    - Operational jetways added (B3, B10, C6, C17, K2 and Q3)
    - RW14L/32R, customised runway texture, markings and hold short wig-wags added.
    - Customised apron textures and markings added in preview areas.
    - MTB and STB roofing textures changed to match the current state.
    - Many areas of KLIA2 re-modelled and optimised.
    - Night lighting has been added to KLIA2 Sky Bridge
    - LOD implemented for all assets as per SDK recommendations.
    - All airside assets are now collidable objects, including KLIA2 Skybridge.
    - Missing taxiway edge lights have been added.
    - Missing roadways have been added with lighting.
    - Perimeter fencing has been added in the appropriate areas.
    - Freight car park added.
    - Missing vegetation has been added to the airport and surroundings.
    - Custom freight assets added to preview areas.
    - All corporate logos have been substituted.

  • Version 1.1 May 07, 2021

    - KLIA2 terminal added
    - KLIA Aerotrain track added with tunnel.
    - Enhanced smoothing to several assets.
    - Added (static) jetways to all gates.
    - Anti-collision lights added to towers.
    - Missing lighting added to KLIA International terminal.
    - Reduced flicker on the immigration building when at a distance.

  • Wydany May 01, 2021

    Właśnie pojawiło się pierwsze wydanie tego pliku. Witamy na pokładzie!

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25 GBP

Great scenery, do you have any plans to do airstrips on the east coat like Grindale etc regards Dave




Nicely done, actually i was also trying to do this. got the main terminal modelled in blender. But finding difficulty with the export texture and material. Glad that I see someone else share the effort.







Thanks for the Humber Airport - great work!!







Thanks for your scenery Chris.







Thank you so musch chris, Waited years for this in various Flight sims, Please could you add South Ferriby Cemex Chimney Works at some point near the bridge. Have another coffee on me my friend. Regards Haydn.




Thanks for your continued work on the Lincolnshire scenery.













Enjoy your work so enjoy the coffee




Chris thank you for your hard work on this, I am currently raining at Humberside for my PPL and its really helped ;)


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169 Komentarze

HI Chris,

Thanks for creating quality product for us Local boys... Awesome product I say. Will definitely purchase your WBKK as well... Can't wait for wbkk and perhaps some unique local airfields like Layang-Layang ATOLL/ Other south china sea helicopter bases / Old Tawau airport / Pulau Tioman & Redang. Stay safe and have a great weekend~

Excellent, but it appears to be missing the most innovative and unusual feature - the Atrium. This is a feature that i have not seen in any other airport in the world, and it's wonderful. Have a read of this for some details of it https://news.cgtn.com/news/2019-10-07/Tropical-forest-oasis-at-heart-of-KL-airport-KAXLvmvDIQ/index.html. The aerotrain is pretty impressive, as well.

Hi All.

I've just launched a facebook page to keep everyone more easily up to date with our free and pay-ware addition add-ons. At the moment only the WMKK pay-ware preview album is up there (and available from SimMarket), but more will be added soon, with what we're up too. Hope you can give as much support as you have here with a like and a follow, it'll make it a lot easier to keep everyone up to date. Here's the link to the new page:


Hope to get some more free stuff out for you guys soon!

It's heartwarming to see an important airport in Malaysia being developed to such high standards. I am truly grateful for this undertaking and for the payware option. This provides a new and valuable try before purchase feature which is so lacking in other payware. Thank you so much.

Also I am surprised at the interest as reflected in the downloads for this Malaysian airport and surely indicates the current lack of freeware and payware airports for this lovely country.

If at all you have the time and interest, could you please consider the small and idyllic island airport WMBT Tioman Airport just off the Malaysian East coast.

PS: I have bought the payware and love it.

Outstanding! Looking forward to seeing more of your scenery to come.

oh wow! this is so freaking amazing! thank you so much! I can't wait for the payware? what are the difference? Right now I can see the MAS Kargo is written as SAM Kargo which is not accurate 😊

Hi Everyone!

KLIA Pay-ware Edition went live on SimMarket over the weekend. It'll be available here too once the pay-ware section is open.

It's had a really bad 1* review and it seems the reviewer never read in the description regarding us not yet having permission to use corporate trade marks and logos.

If anybody is still interested just search WMKK and our Secret Studio product should pop up.

All the best!

Hi, i just watched your preview of payware version but i couldnt notice what is the difference between freeware and payware version.

Hi Sir, How are you doing? I have a few question for you.

1st Question

After completing the WMKK project with minimal glitch and bugs, what are your future plans?

2nd Question

If you are free in the near future, I would like to request for you to create Subang airport (WMSA). I am amazed and shocked because the amount of detail you put in this project. That's why I thought it would be a good idea if you could do the same amount quality and detail for WMSA. It's okay if you are not interested. Thank you for replying. Stay safe. Cheers

Hi Sir, is jalan pekeliling link to the airport as well? Since I've just read the changelogs

Hello sir , may i ask why the roof is brown instead of green?



3 month(s) ago / Podziękowano przez ChrisJSetterington

Thank you for this awesome work. Keep it up. You got my vote.

Missing Jetways

Hi all, I have found a solution to address the occasional missing jetways that have been reported since Update 5. After a day of research it appears that a once optional configuration item has become a compulsory item with Update 5 for Jetways. There should be an update released in the next 24 hours.

Hello Sir I have a problem that the jetway at C6 is not appearing. Is it because of the SU5?

Hi Everyone,

Just to give some news on the premium version which should have launched by now. Due to a number of general issues introduced to the sim with Update 5, I have had to delay in order to re-do all the quality checks. The checks have helped narrow down the general issues to more specific scenarios and overall things are ready to launch.

There is however another patch due out in the next day or so. Once WMKK has been QA'd with the patch, it will be released.

Thank you all for your patience!

  • B3 Gate have problem. It been connected at first but after that it back to it base then it connect back after push back.
  • KLIA2 also problem. Neon light at bridge only turn on at one side at night

Hi! Thanks for the updates but Im wondering why the color of KLIA1 rooftop terminal was changed? Isnt irl it is green? Correct me if im wrong.

Just wanted to ask when the premium version will be out?



3 month(s) ago / Podziękowano przez ChrisJSetterington

this looks stunning. any chance you could do the KL tower? thats totally missing in KL city.

I think its not compatible with SU5. I get floating jetways and no terminal building for KLIA2. Tried after removing all other addons.

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