Trent 700 Soundmod

Aktualna wersja 1.4 przez Zedextreme8177
Version 1.4
Pierwsze Wydanie April 12, 2021
Ostatnio aktualizowane May 29, 2021
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This is a soundmod for the a330.

This soundmod was created by zedextreme8177 and has been converted and modified by me (Kwandom). I have recieved permission from the owner to post this soundmod to this website. And A very special thank you to TJC.Aviation for helping me getting this sound sorted out and finding a way for me to be allowed to use the a330 folder.

This soundmod includes realistic spools, custom startup sounds, custom gear lever sounds and more. 


There is a person who has been copying my work without pernission. Please do not go to the website and do not download it from there. This is the website where i only published this soundmod

1.4 Update is Now Here!!!

This update brings you

-Bug fixes

-New AP disconnect sounds

-New stall sounds

There are a few bugs which include

-No GPWS and TCAS warnings

-sounds not working for some people. (if that is you please dm me so i can fix it)

-Overlayed Sounds

-some low quality sound effect (this will be improved in newer versions)

All these will be fixed and improved in later versions

How to install the addon

1.Go to your community folder

2. Extract the zip file

3. Add it to the community file

4.done :) 

Dość pusto tutaj.


Użytkownicy ci przekazali darowizny na rzecz kwandom aby nadal tworzył niesamowite dodatki, którymi wszyscy mogą się cieszyć.

Dość pusto tutaj.

  • Version 1.4 May 29, 2021

    -fixed no sound issue
    -added new auto pilot disconnect warnings
    -added new stall sounds

    Pending issues to be solved
    -No clicking sounds
    -Maybe no sounds (i cant really tell Pls dm me if your having trouble)

    In a few weeks i will be changing the installation method. That means you wont need to download the whole a330 folder. Just the sound folder only

  • Version 1.3 May 02, 2021

    This update brings new exterior sounds.
    Higher quality sounds have been added and the sounds have been lowered as people said that it was too loud.

    Interior has been updated too but not as much as the exterior.
    The spool pitch has been increased to make it sound more realistic.

  • Version 1.2.1 April 27, 2021

    -Minor Bug Fixes
    Also read description (Very Important announcement)

  • Version 1.2 April 22, 2021

    completely removed spool stutters

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What sound should i update? (trent 700)
May 10, 2021

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2 month(s) ago
Hello everyone
Someone has been copying my work and posted it to a different website. Please do not download it from anywhere else but here because this is the website where I actually posted.

Hey man, I think it sounds awesome but when I installed the mod it left the PMP a330 completely useless. I cant control anything. Is it because I'm using the A32NX compatibility mod? Can you make an update where it just changes the sound file and not the whole PMP A330 folder and make it work with the A32NX Compatibility mod? Other than that really love the sound! This has a HUGE potential!

Is there any plans to adjust the volume of the sounds, still WAY too loud internally and externally.

Beware! The mod will replace everything from the aircraft..Since I installed the mod the autopilot is broken. The sounds are quite nice when the engines are finally on but the thing with the AP is really annoying

great sounds! congratulations, could you make the iae v2500 sounds for the a32nx?
why would anyone use this there is litteraly no sound inside
Can you make one for the PMP A321?
How do I Uninstall. It deletes all the sound and Only when I turn on the Engines The sound appears
Great mod! Thanks for your work it is appreciated.
Sounds not working after 1.3 mod
Very nice Sound mod 😊 Can you please fix the Sound volume in the exterior Cam? it is too loud.
Hello and thanks for this mod. Is there a possibility this mod without the entire plane?
I adjusted the performance of my Airbus A330 and removed some bug fixes. It would be a shame to have to do it all over again. Or is it enough just to exchange the sound folder? Thanks and regards
is this mod compatible with the a32nx?
Hello everyone
Someone has been copying my work and posted it to a different website. Please do not download it from anywhere else but here because this is the website where I actually posted.
Hello. This is a great soundmod i wish you the best luck on the progress
Zedextreme8177 back on Fs2020. It reminds me of your FSX sound pack. Otherwise Good start with some update it will be even more realistic. Thank you 😏
The engines are very loud from the exterior. Please lower the volume. And also can you change up the cockpit model?
Can you add more sounds? some buttons dont work like the seatbelt button, the overspeed warning is different but the engine sounds sound just like the real sound itself. The spool Makes it the best. Also can you add new flap sounds?
This soundmod is amazing probably better than the default. Alot of noisy sounds though
is there a way to lower/disable the warning/engine sounds? I tried it in settings but it is still pretty loud. But overall very nice mod.
if you can please post it on another website as it is not downloading here perhaps github

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