*** Superceded by FBW's internal converter. Please use their official converter ***

A batch file to convert an Asobo A320 livery across to the new Fly By Wire A320 aircraft.

Simply place the folder into the livery you wish to convert and double click on A32nx.bat


This is a modified version of my converter that comes with my DR250 Capitaine.

Once the livery is successfully migrated you can delete the converter from that livery folder.



Place the 'MSFS A320 to FBW A32nx Livery Converter' into the livery you would like to convert.

Please ensure the livery you are wanting to convert is NOT pointing already to the new FlyByWire A320 in the aircraft.cfg - for most people this will not be applicable

Place the folder alongside SimObjects, layout.json and manifest.json

Run A32nx.bat

The converter will ask the following:

  • It will ask to confirm it found the correct livery to convert
  • It will ask what you would like to call this livery. (eg: Spring)
  • It will ask to confirm it found the correct Community folder location
    • It will then copy across the texture to a new 'FlyByWire_A320_NEO_liveryname' in your community folder
    • Your livery will still be available for use by the Asobo A320neo
  • Then it will ask what you would like to set the default registration as (eg: B-8817) - can be left blank
  • It will ask what ATC should refer to this airline as (eg: Air Spring) - can be left blank
  • And finally what you would set as the defult flight number. (eg: 8932 for 'Air Spring 8932') - can be left blank


  • Next it will ask if you would like to generate a layout.json for your new livery folder. This will run the 'MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe' which can be found at  https://github.com/HughesMDflyer4/MSFSLayoutGenerator
  • Then you're done! If you want to delete the converter from your original Asobo A320neo folder you can.


I hope this can make your life a bit easier to convert your liveries across to the new FlyByWire A320!


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